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Reminder That Chad From "High School Musical" Is All Grown-Up

All I wanna do is be with you be with you, be with you...

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You remember Chad from all those High School Musical movies, right?

Disney Channel

He danced his way into our hearts, and was all the more adorable for it. 💕

Disney Channel

Well, now Corbin Bleu is 26 and likes to take his shirt off.

And Corbin's kind enough to post shirtless selfies because he knows the thirst is REAL.

He just doesn't have time for the nonsense that is a shirt, and chooses not to wear one regularly.

Prospect Park

This was Corbin on One Life to Live, and it was glorious.

But even when he does wear a shirt, he looks dashing AF.

Like... hi. Hello. Hi, again.

So, just as a reminder: Corbin's all grown-up now, and it's totally OK to still be crushing on him.

Thank you, Corbin, for taking off your shirt and blessing us with the gift that is you!

Disney Channel

Now if only we could get a High School Musical: 10-Year Reunion in the works...

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