21 Struggles All People With Small Wrists Will Understand

    My wrists are more decorative than functional.

    1. You've had to take so many links out of watches that it isn't even a watch anymore.

    2. People (mostly strangers!) think it's totally OK to grab your wrist and hold it up to theirs to see how small it is.

    3. Wristbands are impossible, in that they never stay on...

    4. Or have a wristband tail so long that it's technically a weapon.

    So much wristband tail. Annoying. #smallwristproblems

    5. Sleeves are never NOT baggy on you.

    6. And “normal sized” jewelry just makes you look like a kid playing dress up.

    7. People wrap their fingers around your wrists and say shit like, "LOL, this is ridiculous!"

    8. And the inevitable, “Holy shit. They’re SO SMALL.”

    9. Or they hold up things that are comically tiny next to your wrist as a fun reminder.

    10. Bracelets, in general, tend to HANG off of you right before falling off.

    11. Or they slide all the way down your arm until it's no longer a bracelet, but a forearm accessory.

    12. The worst is when someone buys you a piece of bling for your wrist and it never, ever fits.

    13. But you have to PRETEND to like it, because, well, it was a fucking gift.

    14. And you’ve definitely invested in a wrist brace, because your wrists are ~fragile~.

    15. Yoga, pushups, and any exercise that depends on your wrists holding you up is a big no no.

    16. You’ve bought kids sized jewelry because, well, that's the closest size to what you have.

    17. Objects that are heavy for a person with a normal wrist, are damn near impossible for you to carry.

    18. And at some point you've been asked, "Do you just break your wrists, like, constantly?"

    19. If you want a wrist tattoo, you have to make it small so that it actually fits on your wrist.

    20. Your wrists have this strange superpower to fit into things that wrists aren't meant to be in.

    My mug can go around my wrist and be my holder #smallwristproblems

    21. And because of that, they've become a bit of a party trick, whether you like it or not.

    But at least you know there are some places where small wrists do have the advantage.