21 Problems Only People Raised By Doctors Will Understand

The doctor is ALWAYS in.

1. Inviting friends over is sometimes a problem, because shit like this is hanging all over the house.

2. Or worse, there might be a medical book open to reveal something like this:

3. You’ve never EVER been able to fake being sick without them knowing you’re a total lying liar.

Carsey-Werner Company / Via tumblr.com

4. And forget being babied when you actually ARE sick — they don’t put up with that bullshit.

5. There’s definitely a lot of pressure for you to join the “family business.”

Even if you have absolutely NO interest in medicine, that doesn’t matter.

6. They use medical jargon so effortlessly that you’ve actually become immune to being grossed out.

7. And you actually have enough basic knowledge of medical terminology to pass for a doctor.

8. Your parents’ sense of humor is…an acquired taste.

My new stomping grounds #doctorproblems

— Doctor Problems (@doctorproblemz)

9. Scrubs often stay on at all times, just in case they get called in to the hospital.

10. Their medicine cabinet looks like a damn pharmacy exploded.

11. Because your parents got up SUPER early, so did you.

12. Nostalgia is alive and well because beepers still exist in your home, even though it’s 2014.

13. Your reading options have always been extremely specific and extremely boring.

14. Your friends beg you for super-awkward favors, like asking your mom what that weird thing on their toe is.

Heel & Toe Films

15. Texts from your parents can be…unsettling. And often from the O.R.

16. You’ve come to rely so heavily on just asking your parent for advice that you often forget to go see a doctor.

17. You’re unintentionally a master of being quiet, because you couldn’t make a sound when your parent was on call.


18. Unless you were bleeding so profusely that they couldn’t sew it up at home, all medical needs took place at the kitchen table.

19. Whether you like it or not, entire hospital staffs know who you are. EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL.

20. You were constantly being reminded that your problems were not REAL problems.

Know what a real problem is? Saving lives.

21. And the knowledge that no one will EVER be as cool or as important as your doctor parents were.

Not even you, try as hard as you might.

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