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22 Problems Only Fierce People Know To Be True

The only person in the world who truly gets you is Bey.

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1. It's literally impossible to look awkward, even when you trip.

2. You're often so fierce, that actual flames emerge miraculously behind you.

3. Even simple everyday things, like licking your lips, is an opportunity to flaunt what you've got.

What you've got is fierceness for days, FYI.

4. You feel the need to inject your own type of WOW into even the most serious of occasions.

5. You can never just STAND there.

6. You physically cannot control the fire inside you.

7. It's impossible not to walk and pose at the same time.

8. Or walk and flip your hair at the same time.

9. Posing for photos can be kind of a problem, because your smize tends to make photographers black out.

10. Sometimes you have to remind yourself to stop being fab for just a sec so everyone else can catch up with you.

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11. But then you look in a mirror, and it's basically back to fierceness as usual.

12. It's hard to date, because no one can really handle the kind of heat you put out there.

13. Like, it's kind of a problem.

14. You hold everyone around you to the highest standard (which is you, obvi).

15. And if they don't make the cut, then they're gone.

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16. Talking is kind of pointless, because you're so much better at just EXISTING.

17. Your fierceness is always on, even when you think you're done for the day.

18. You have a hard time hiding how sad you are for everyone who isn't you.

19. Basic bitches are always trying to figure out what your secret is.

20. You're not afraid to be exactly who you are, which can kind of intimidate everyone else.

21. People are always telling you things you already know.

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22. You literally can't understand what the term "bad angle" means, because all of yours are flawless.

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