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26 Problems Only Anxious People Will Understand

Hearing someone say, "Everything will be OK" just makes things worse. #thestruggle

1. If you hear any kind of noise in your house whatsoever, you become convinced that you're about to be murdered.

2. Even if you checked roughly seven times, you're never ever really sure if you locked a door.

3. If someone takes more than five minutes to accept your Facebook friend request, it means they hate you.

4. And whenever someone tells you that you have to wait and be patient, this is how you'd like to respond:

5. You know the answer to this question, and just seeing it makes you anxious:

6. People often call you a pessimist, and it irks you that they're so very right.

7. You overthink everything, in general.

8. People always try to make you feel better, but their concern only makes things much worse.

9. Spontaneity isn't your thing. At. All.

10. You have a checklist of things you're SURE you forgot to do, even though you probably didn't.

11. Sending a text and not hearing back IMMEDIATELY can make you feel like the world is ending.

12. But when they finally respond, it's like all of the angels are singing just to you.

13. The idea of meeting new people should be fun, but it isn't.

14. And seeing someone you weren't expecting to see will damn near give you a nervous breakdown.

15. Even small things, like checking the mail, seem to fill you with dread, because...WHAT IF!

16. Going to the doctor is always fun, because even if there's nothing wrong, you'll find something...

You always do.

17. Missing a call from an unknown number will fill you with dread for the rest of the day.

18. When your boss asks to see you in their office, it's obviously because they're about to fire you.

19. If you're asked to make a speech, you will stress about it before, during, and after.

20. If your car makes a weird noise, you take it in immediately, because it's ABOUT TO EXPLODE.

21. Certain TV shows are basically off limits, because you tend to relate them to yourself.

22. When you hear that someone else was super successful by the time they were younger than you, it makes you question everything about your life choices.

23. You automatically assume that other people's passive-aggressive tweets are about you.

24. You know that you spend too much time stressing about things, and so does everyone else around you.

25. And even though it sometimes feels like all of your anxiety is going to make you explode someday...

26. ...at least you know this to be true:

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