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16 Things Everyone With A January Birthday Knows To Be True

You can't just combine my holiday and birthday present into one. It doesn't work that way!

1. If you're closer to the beginning of the year, people are so partied out from New Year's Eve that they're not super down to do much else.

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2. "It's your Christmas AND birthday gift!" is definitely a phrase you've heard.

And sometimes they'll give it to you ON Christmas, which means your birthday gift is wrapped in holiday paper.

3. When you were growing up, having an outdoor birthday party was damn near impossible.

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Hope everyone likes bowling all the time, because that's all we can do!

4. And even as an adult, people don't want to trek outside to wherever you're having your party now.

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"It's too cold." — everyone you know

5. Since people have just made all their New Year's resolutions, it means they don't want to rage with you.

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I totally get that you need to get up early to make your spin class, but might I also suggest that you don't?

6. And TBH, even you are so swollen from the holidays that you feel a little weird about shoveling in more. (But it won't stop you.)

Nothing stops birthday cake.

7. Your "party outfit" usually has to involve plenty of layers.

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8. When you're trying to organize your party, everyone is still so checked out from the holidays that they take forever to get back to you.


9. And people might still be on their holiday vacations when your birthday rolls around.


Table for one to loser town, please.

10. Because everyone's wallets have been drained by the holidays, they often pass on celebrating with you.

I don't forgive, and I don't forget.

11. There's no way you could ever plan a weekend getaway, since everyone just used up all their vacay time.


12. And if you get any holiday cards, there's usually a "P.S. Happy birthday!!!" tacked on to the ending.


P.S. Thanks a fucking lot.

13. People will forget it's your birthday because they're so focused on the fact that it's a new year and a chance for a "new them." / Via

But what about me?! What about the birthday me?!

14. And if you're early in the month, you have to spend your birthday surrounded by the lingering Christmas decorations...

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15. ...While being in the later half of January means you're surrounded by the beginning of Valentine's Day decorations.

16. And after years of having to plan birthdays around the weather and other people's schedules, you've become a bit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about the whole thing.


But luckily, you've found your own ways to make every birthday count.


You're the best part of your party anyway!

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