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19 Problems All Women Who Love Cursing Know To Be True

Cursing isn't ladylike? Eff off.

1. People have said that you have "bad manners" because you're a woman who likes to curse.

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Well, that's just bullshit.

2. And you've been told, "Cursing isn't ladylike," to which you want to respond with, "Fuck you."

3. You constantly feel like you have to watch your fucking mouth when you're around strangers.


Because the truth is you WILL curse.

4. Friends are often nervous to bring you around their parents or children, because they assume the only words you know end with -uck and -itch.


While those may be your FAVORITE kinds of words, you are capable of shutting the fuck up sometimes.

5. Whenever you curse in public, you feel the judgmental gaze of someone who took offense.

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6. And you always wonder if you should apologize, but in the end it's like... fuck that asshole.

7. Whenever you're feeling anxious, the only thing that makes you feel better is saying FUCK IT ALL.


Also, you're not crazy: Studies have shown that cursing reduces the pain we feel. So curse the fuck away!

8. But you're constantly worried about making other people around you uncomfortable.


9. And when you have an important work meeting or job interview, the first things out of your mouth tend to be NSFW.


10. Whenever you start to date someone new, there's always a test window where you have to gauge just how much shit they can handle.

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11. And you've been told to "Stop cursing!" on several occasions.

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The heart wants what the heart fucking wants.

12. When you're at a family function and not able to curse all day, the minute you leave is the most satisfying moment of your life.

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13. People assume cursing means you have a limited vocabulary, when really it's just more passionate than most.

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14. You've often thought, "I'll stop cursing when I have kids," then remembered that's impossible.

15. Whenever you try and tame the cursing, some heinous twat brings it out in you.

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16. You know that the best way to curse is in another language, but feel awkward about googling, "Spanish word for bitch" at work.

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17. Because you're a woman, people just apply a double standard that you shouldn't curse.

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18. And they act all shocked when something profane comes out of your mouth. / Via Love Streams Productions

19. When really, swearing has always made you stronger: You use it to emphasize your fucking points.

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