22 Problems All People With Resting Bitchface Will Understand

I’m not mad, but my face is.

1. On the inside: You may feel like a bright ray of fucking sunshine.


2. But if you aren’t smiling, people assume something is wrong.

Bazmark Films / Via faultlessmess.tumblr.com

3. And then they start to ask, “What’s bugging you?” “What’s the problem?” “Are you pissed?”

Miramax Films / Via giphy.com

Nothing, nothing, and now I am.

4. Or, “Why do you look so mad today? Are you mad at ME?!”


Don’t ask me this and I won’t be mad, bro.

5. Which only turns your resting bitchface into ACTUAL bitchface, and that’s some scary shit.

Warner Bros. Television / Via scigirl0987.tumblr.com

6. And then they tell you to SMILE, which is like…no.

7. That moment when you realize that you do indeed have CBF (chronic bitchface).

8. And it feels both empowering and unnerving.

9. Even when you’re just trying to be polite, people take your face the wrong way.

10. So you have to explain that you’re not mad, angry, or even bummed. That’s just the way your face is.

Lionsgate / Via abracadaverme.tumblr.com

Sorry for party rockin’ on the inside, y’all.

11. The anger you feel when people think it’s OK to say, “OMG, I thought you were a total bitch when I first met you!”

Wait, you did?! How many OTHER people are thinking that now? ::Cycles through every important memory and questions everything::

12. And when you get angry, you have to get extra angry so people take you seriously.

Logo TV / Via logotv.tumblr.com

13. The stress of an important meeting and knowing you’ll have to be extra peppy to compensate.

Time Telepictures Television / Via indecisivetrenchcoat.tumblr.com

14. And the exhaustion that comes after faking a smile so people don’t assume you’re angry.

15. Knowing that when you go out and want to meet new people, they will think you’re totally unapproachable.

Even though you’re not, and you’d LOVE to be talked to. PLEASE TALK TO ME.

16. Or when people assume that you’re constantly judging them, and you have to reassure them that you’re not.

Even if you secretly are…

17. People assume you’re plotting revenge when you’re just thinking about whether or not you should have another cookie.

Answer: Always take the cookie.

18. Feeling the simultaneous need to apologize and also laugh for how your face is.

Sorry, but I’m also not sorry. This is my face. Deal with it.

19. When you make a joke and people are “surprised” to find out that you actually have a sense of humor.


20. Trying to make your face give a fuck, but it just really REALLY won’t.

Lionsgate / “Catching Fire” / Via oinionringz.tumblr.com

21. But you also really love suffering from chronic resting bitchface…

22. Because in the end it’s YOUR bitchface, and it’s fucking fabulous.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) / Via whatthebuck20.tumblr.com

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