"Planet Homebuddies" Is The Chinese Version Of "Friends"

Ever wondered what a Chinese take on Friends might look like? Wonder no more! But how similar will they be?

It was just announced that a Chinese version of the iconic American show Friends will be launching online in February. But how many similarities will Planet Homebuddies have?

3. “Planet Homebuddies” has three guys and three girls.

Just. Like. Friends.

4. They’re also all twentysomething/thirtysomething.

Sound familiar?

5. The Homebuddies gang likes to be…homebodies…in a large loft.

Not unlike the apartment building you may remember from Friends.

6. “Planet Homebuddies” is a six-part series.

Compared to the ten seasons that Friends had.

7. Guess who’s writing the theme song for “Planet Homebuddies”…?

That’s right. You have it right. Rembrandt’s own Danny Wilde, who also wrote the iconic song, “I’ll Be There For You,” for Friends.

8. “Planet Homebuddies” is debuting online to an audience potential of 800 million viewers.

Whereas Friends debuted on NBC to about 14 million viewers.

9. The premiere episode of “Friends” aired on September 22, 1994.

And Planet Homebuddies is set to air the week of February 8 to coincide with the Chinese New Year celebrations…We don’t know why.

10. “The lead character Jerry is depressed after breaking up with his girlfriend and losing his advertising business. To get over his misfortune, he decides to rent a large loft with two good friends, Andy, an IT specialist and Sean, a DJ.”

Hmmm…now how do Jerry, Andy and Sean relate to Ross, Chandler and Joey? Our guess is that the DJ will be a Joey-type, the IT guy will be Chandler and the depressed galoof is Ross.

11. “To help Jerry get over his troubles, Andy invites Molly, Jerry’s older sister from Los Angeles, to visit them at the loft. Andy also invites his cousin Bingxue to hang out with them, and add new neighbor Vivian, a self-employed art curator, into

So, OK. Just to refresh your memory: The older sister will be a Monica. Maybe Bingxue will be a Rachel? (But will she have the same “Rachel haircut”?!) And Vivian, the art curator, will be a Phoebe.

12. Yet to-be-seen similarities include whether or not Vivian will revive the “Smelly Cat” song, whether the Joey phrase, “How you doin?!” will come into play and if Molly will be a former fat kid.

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