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23 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Flight Attendants

What day is it, though?!

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1. This reality:

2. Losing all sense of time and space:

3. The threats from passengers, LOL:

4. Mastering the art of the sympathetic smile:

5. Your love life is hard to explain:

6. Not really giving AF when this happens:

7. Never knowing if you'll be able to make it back home:

8. The struggle:

9. When passengers do really questionable things:

10. Having to be perpetually "on" when you're working:

11. The very best moment of your day:

12. When the cabin pressure is out of control:

13. Having to wake up for work when no one should be awake:

14. Making the mistake of accidentally "flirting":

15. Being on a first name basis with the TSA:

16. Trying not to laugh when this happens:

17. These requests:

18. Trying and failing to keep track of your schedule:

19. Never getting to spend the holidays with your family:

20. This:

21. How you feel before the flights versus after the flights:

22. Having to deal with pilots, in general:

23. And this undeniable truth:

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