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17 Truths All Pilates Lovers Understand

My core is so tight that it hurts to sneeze.

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1. When someone in class thinks they can pull this shit:

2. When this happens, in general:

3. When your whole fitness life gets validated:

4. When you look in the mirror and see you're doing it all wrong:

5. When people think yoga and Pilates are the same thing: / Via DC Comics

6. When the real torture begins: / Via Sony Pictures

7. When you make this rookie mistake: / Via Comedy Central

8. When you get THAT instructor: / Via Fox

9. When you look around to see if everyone else is in as much pain as you are: / Via Polygram Filmed Entertainment

10. When you attempt a roll back for the first time: / Via Capella International

11. When anyone complains about being sore: / Via Wolper Pictures Ltd.

12. When a Pilates class means you get to eat whatever you want:

13. When you realize you've been standing wrong for most of your life: / Via MGM

14. When you feel like you might be dying a little: / Via Miramax

15. When someone tells you that your workout is "easy": / Via Fox

16. When you realize Pilates is the longest relationship you've ever had:

17. And when you start to see the results of all that damn core work: / Via Fox

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