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    21 Jokes Only "Teen Wolf" Fans Will Find Funny

    Grumpy Cat is Derek... Derek is Grumpy Cat...!

    1. This truth about one sure way to stop Stiles from having a panic attack:

    MTV / Via

    2. That one Hale family trait we know all too well:

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    3. This interaction between Derek and Scott:

    MTV / Via

    4. This important question about Beacon Hills:

    5. And this uncanny resemblance:

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    Grumpy Cat is Derek. Derek is Grumpy Cat. :-o

    6. Stiles' angry face > All angry faces

    7. This family reunion:

    8. Also, this:

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    9. The undeniable Teen Wolf-Disney connection:

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    10. This true blessing:

    11. Lydia judging Derek's fashion faux pas:

    MTV / Via

    Oh Cousin Miguel...

    12. The thing that happens when anyone puts bae in the corner:

    Bae = Dylan

    13. The inner thoughts of Sterek:

    14. This harsh reality about shipping Malia and Stiles:

    15. This song lyric, which is secretly about Stiles' hair:

    16. The photo that reveals what Isaac was REALLY looking at:


    17. The Ice Age mash-up we’ve all been waiting for: / Via 20th Century Fox / Via MTV

    18. Isaac's tribute to his one true love... (Hint: It's scarves.)

    19. These secrets between Malia and Lydia:

    MTV / Via

    You mad, tho?!

    20. This awesome Snickers commercial:

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    21. And Katniss Everdeen, speaking the dang truth:

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