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14 Confessions From People Who Are Afraid To Admit They Believe In God

"I secretly pray in the shower, because I don't want anyone knowing that I believe in God." And more confessions from Whisper.

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1. The person with PTSD who can't be honest.

2. And the believer who's worried about their atheist friends.

3. The scientist who believes in God.

4. The insecure believer.

5. The person who's worried about what their friends would say.

6. The secret churchgoer.

7. And another secret churchgoer.

8. The "atheist" who actually isn't one at all.

9. The person afraid of other people's reactions.

10. And the person who's afraid of the stereotypes surrounding their beliefs.

11. The person in hiding.

12. The person who's afraid to say the words out loud.

13. The believer who prays in the shower.

14. And the person who believes in God, but doesn't mind being thought of as a "heathen."

For more confessions be sure to check out Whisper.

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