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    23 Parents Who Facebook Better Than You

    And this is why I'm glad my parents haven't figured out how things work!

    1. The mom who is officially Queen of the Facebook Pun.

    2. The mom who totally blew up Tash's alternate identity.

    3. The dad who told it exactly like it is.

    4. This parent who's a proud grammar nazi.

    5. The dad who's totally hooking it up for his son.

    6. The dad who remembers the first night he met his son ... kinda.

    7. The father who isn't afraid to teach his son a tough lesson in tYpINg.

    8. The mom who did a lot in high school that her son doesn't know about.

    9. The mom who put a dash of tough love on her daughter's post.

    10. The dad who knows how to gross out pretty much anyone.

    11. The mom who totally OWNED her kid.

    12. The mom who wants to class up her son's newsfeed.

    13. This songbird.

    14. The mom who basically wins everything.

    15. The mom who knows what LOL means, alright.

    16. The mom who will never forget her son's first accident.

    17. The mom who won't be sleeping with her son ...

    18. The parents who have a Ph.D. in Stop Complaining.

    19. The dad who's been keeping tabs for 30 years.

    20. The dad who knows how to handle pressure.

    21. The dad who sometimes posts under his daughter's name.

    22. The dad who wants a refund.

    23. The mom who definitely has Facebook, and doesn't think you're funny.