17 OkCupid Messages That Will Make You Happy To Be Single

    These people need to not date.

    1. The guy having a conversation with himself.

    2. The guy who just REALLY wants a spaghetti dinner with you.

    3. The message from this Alfred Hitchcock in training.

    4. The guy who wants you to be his sister, sincerely.

    5. The guy who's already popped the question.

    6. The guy who wants you to use a dildo on the first date.

    7. This guy.

    8. The guy with this pickup line.

    9. The guy who thinks you have nice calves, and stuff.

    10. Mr. Facial.

    11. Greg, the artist painter from Paris.

    12. The guy who started with this:

    13. This guy, who doesn't want to waste any time.

    14. The guy with this very important question:

    15. The guy who really just needs a new place to crash.

    16. The cyclist.

    17. This Casanova.

    So, how are you feeling? Happy to be single?