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    Spoiler Alert: The Rock's Family Is Beautiful AF

    Rock solid genes certainly do run in the fam.

    Look, we all know that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a beautiful species of man who is too damn good for this earth.

    And as it turns out, beauty runs in the family. But, more specifically, the same beautiful smile.

    Sergi Alexander / Getty Images

    I mean, just LOOK at his daughter Simone.

    Aaron Davidson / Getty Images

    She's only 14 years old, but already knows how to work this carpet.

    Like, clearly The Rock's smile was just cloned onto Simone to bring two perfect smiles to this earth.

    Sergi Alexander / Getty Images

    But wait, what's this? That magical smile actually came from someone else? Oh, right, from his stunning mom, Ata.

    Aaron Davidson / Getty Images

    Ata girl, Ata, for raising The One Too Good For This Earth.

    Not to mention that The Rock's girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, also bizarrely has the same perfect smile as everyone else. And what dentist makes this?

    Aaron Davidson / Getty Images

    Lauren also happens to be the mother of his second child, and obvi that baby will grow to be some otherworldly beautiful creature.

    Anyways, The Rock, we all get it: your family deserves a damn monument, which I'll get to work on creating.

    Aaron Davidson / Getty Images

    ::: Furiously tries to sculpt something as beautiful as this family portrait :::

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