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    19 Natural Beauty Products That Actually Work

    Yes, you can do a natural deodorant that really does make you smell good.

    The less chemicals the better, so we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite natural beauty products. These were the responses:

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    1. Get perfect beachy tendrils with Gnarly Whale beach waves hair spray, $12

    2. Nix the frizz with SheaMoisture coconut and hibiscus curl smoothie, $11.87

    3. Help your hair grow to its full potential with GrowOut Shampoo and Strengthener, $35

    4. Have curly hair? Put on a touch of PURA D'OR Moroccan argan oil to keep those locks smooth, $17.09

    5. Treat your scalp like the queen it is and invest in the Honest Company shampoo and conditioner set, $20.97

    6. Freshen up your face with Thayer's rose petal toner, $8.32

    7. Looking for a moisturizer that won't irritate your sensitive skin? Look no further than Trader Joe's 100% jojoba oil, $11.29

    8. Give your skin some serious hydration with Egyptian Magic's all-purpose facial cream, $29.40

    9. Have a little fun with a facial mask from Fuller's Earth Clay (Multani Mitti), $10.50

    10. Ban breakouts with the Mask of Magnaminty face and body mask by Lush, $26.90

    11. Scrub away your worries with with Derma e daily detox scrub, $11.63

    12. Keep your skin clear with Burt's Bees acne solutions moisturizing lotion, $14.14

    13. And if you have sensitive skin and are in need of a daily cleanser, then Shea Moisture’s African black soap bar has your back, $7.60

    14. Make shaving a lot more indulgent with Whish pomegranate shave cream, $4.85

    15. Get a little extra shine from your shower with Beautiful shower gel by Lush, $9.95

    16. Freshen up with Schmidt’s Deodorant in Bergamot+Lime, $8.99

    17. Or if you prefer a different scent, go for Tom's of Maine apricot deodorant, $4.27

    18. Opt for a makeup foundation that will give you coverage and keep it natural, like Pure Anada's loose mineral foundation, $12 for small, $25 for regular

    19. And you can get some added SPF by trying out Prana Potions's organic SPF sheer coverage moisturizer makeup, $18

    Want to read more about the benefits of natural beauty products? I wrote a book called Womanskills that talks about the health perks, and how to do your own DIY products.

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