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    The 28 Most Underrated Parts Of Being A Bridesmaid

    It's basically an excuse to party and become wardrobe twins with your besties. I'm in!

    1. Getting asked to be in someone's big day, especially if it's with one of these magical boxes.

    2. Going on a shopping trip for dresses, and having all the salespeople treat you like a VIP.

    3. Being a bridesmaid is one of the few times you can wear peen accessories and no one questions you.

    4. And host a party where phallic objects are encouraged.

    5. Did I mention you have an excuse to party with your besties and dress like buffoons?

    6. Oh, and you get to watch some naked dude dance up on your friend and totally embarrass her.

    7. Listening to that one batshit-crazy bridesmaid say amazingly weird things.

    8. Day drinking at the bridal shower.

    9. And even more drinking at the rehearsal dinner.

    10. Playing dress-up and getting fluffy before the wedding.

    11. Wearing your hair in some awesome side bouffant that no one can question.

    12. When you're forced to wear a strapless dress and this hilarious photo happens.

    13. Getting to REALLY know your friend when you have to hold up her enormous dress so she can use the bathroom.

    14. Taking photos and looking like you've just stepped out of a catalogue of awesome.

    15. Mastering the art of the sorta-subtle wardrobe adjustment.

    16. Helping your girl out and hoisting up that legendary train.

    17. The sense of accomplishment when you walk down the aisle in heels without completely eating it.

    18. Looking at the bride and realizing how lucky you are to be part of this moment.

    19. Crying because your friend looks so beautiful it actually takes your breath away.

    20. And that insanely elated feeling you get when you see how happy the bride is.

    21. Watching the maid of honor say something mildly horrifying during her speech.

    22. Having one of the groomsmen drunkenly hit on you.

    23. Getting first dibs on catching that bouquet.

    24. Totally owning all of the wedding photos.

    25. Like, seriously, the groomsmen just have nothing on you.

    26. Yeah, it's bridesmaids for the win here.

    27. Dominating the dance floor, like a boss.

    28. And after all of that hard work is over, you get to do this.