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21 Most Painfully Awkward Sex Scenes In Film

Don't worry, even people in movies look weird having sex.

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1. Boogie Nights

Via youtube.com

The lesson in Boogie Nights is that if you marry a porn star, you'll probably see them boning someone else on the regular. Even at pool parties. Where other people are watching. And it will be insanely awkward for you.

2. Knocked Up

Via hulu.com

Sex while you're pregnant is apparently a tricky endeavor. Mainly when your baby kicks, and reminds you that they're along for the ride too. Sorry, sorry, that was gross... But Seth Rogen said it first. Sorry.

5. Gigli

Via makeanddeux.com

Bennifer is at their pinnacle of awkward when they have sex in Gigli. Not only because the words "gobble gobble" are meant to be seductive, but because J.Lo is a lesbian who inexplicably turns for Ben.

Perhaps "inexplicably" is too harsh a word. I mean, after all, who could resist those tatted up arms?

6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Via youtube.com

It's weird when you break up and go on an exotic vacation with your new rockstar boyfriend only to discover that your ex is in the next room. Know what's weirder? When you fake an orgasm to make your ex jealous. (Russell Brand feels me.)

7. The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Via adventurepaul.com

Of all the awkward moments that happen to poor Steve Carell in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, his foot fetish fail ranks pretty high. Not that I can blame him — who isn't ticklish?!

11. Devil's Advocate

Via youtube.com

This is the scene where Al Pacino (aka THE DEVIL) tells Keanu Reeves that he and his half sister should fornicate so that they can produce the Antichrist. If incest isn't awkward enough for you, the fact that Pacino watches right behind them will be.

12. Shoot 'Em Up

Via youtube.com

It's true that Shoot 'Em Up is a dark comedy, but nonetheless this scene is just too crazy to leave out. If only because Clive Owen manages to expertly kill his would-be assassins, all while managing to stay inside "D.Q." Just saying.

13. Howard the Duck

Via youtube.com

It's one thing to see Roger and Jessica Rabbit together, but it's quite another to see Howard the Duck make sexual innuendos with a live-action person. This is bestiality at its utmost grossest.

14. Greenberg

Via okinawaassault.wordpress.com

To be fair, the sex scene in Greenberg is intentionally awkward. With Florence saying things like, "I'm wearing kind of an ugly bra," and "Do you hear a train? Is that a train? I get kind of nerdy," mid-coitus. Nonetheless, this is awkward times a zillion.

15. The Room

Via gifmovie.tumblr.com

Lisa, you are tearing me apart! Mostly because the sex scenes between you and Johnny last for painfully long amounts of time, and involve a bit too much simulated thrusting. Not to mention the total creeper who won't seem to leave you two alone...

18. Watchmen

Via 1heckofaguy.com

The problem here is less the vigorous sex and rubber suits, and more the choice of Leonard Cohen's original version of “Hallelujah” playing in the background. It's just weird.

19. The Matrix Reloaded

Via youtube.com

It's not so much that the idea of Keanu Reeves having sex is awkward. (Though, admittedly, it is. This is his second mention on the awkward list.) It's more that he has sex in some cave underneath a nightclub, while everyone else is upstairs dancing.

20. Swordfish

Via realboysdontblog.wordpress.com

"Oh, hey, we're interviewing you for this job, but we're also going to have this woman give you a blowski while you work. Cool? Great." Except it's weird to see John Travolta watching Hugh Jackman's O-face... right?

21. Breaking Dawn

Via fanpop.com

Oh, vampire virginity — how uncomfortable it is! We don't see much in this sex scene; a few flashes of thigh here, a broken bed frame there. But it's all enough to feel intensely awkward.

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