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Michael C. Hall On This Week's Most WTF "Dexter" Moments

That's right, Dexter himself spoke to me about the importance of "Scar Tissue." Warning: Killer spoilers ahead!

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What Hall thought after reading the script:

“It felt definitely bold, surprising, but justifiable, I think, from a storytelling standpoint," Hall said. "And if there’s any hope for those two characters to climb out of the wreckage that is surrounding them, then it’s gotta hit rock bottom. And I think that driving a car with both of them into a lake is definitely that.”

On the significance of Dr. Vogel coming into Dexter's life:

“I think the presence of Dr. Vogel allows him to press some sort of reset button in terms of the consideration of his origin, and how he came to be who he is," Hall admitted. "At the same time, he can’t completely trust her motivations. But I think his appetite for connection, his need to have questions answered that only Vogel can answer, his desire, in spite of any claim to the contrary, for some sort of human intimacy that she offers him — I think that’ll trump his wariness in the end."

On whether or not Dexter will be able to let Deb go:

“At this point in time, Dexter really questions whether or not he’ll be able to do that," Hall said. "On the one hand, we can say he’s unable to do that because there has emerged in him a real sense of connection to the world, and to his sense of his own humanity, and certainly, specifically, to his sister. On the other hand, from a purely pragmatic standpoint, she is in some ways the most dangerous person in his life."

Should the audience trust Dr. Vogel?

“Ummm … Maybe!" Hall laughed. "I think part of the fun of her character, and part of the fun of the show generally, is yes and no, is often the answer to a yes or no question. I think Vogel is a very deep, mysterious, formidable, and attractive character for that very reason.”

What Deb's murder attempt means for Dexter:

“I think a part of what might emerge in Dexter is a frustration," Hall revealed. "It feels like he’s been banging his head against a wall. Yes, he put her in a very difficult position, but did everthing he was able to do — he thinks — to help negotiate whatever difficulties she was experiencing. And he was thanked with a murder-suicide attempt. He’s probably experiencing a certain degree of exasperation and anger at this point.”

Hall's favorite moment from this episode:

“I really cherish all the scenes between Dexter and Deb," he said. "I love when he sees Deb in the parking lot, and thinks that they’re back on track. And she invites him to go on a ride. And really that moment when she grabs the wheel — it’s a moment when Dexter’s attempt for control, and the story he’s telling himself, turns out to be the furthest thing from the truth.”

He continued, "The moment where she grabs the wheel is my favorite moment. It’s simultaneously a surprise, and at the same time a justifiable choice on her part."

How Hall feels now that Dexter is coming to a close:

“When we finished the last shot, I felt a sense of pride and relief. And that was replaced by a vague depression," he said. "I’m really satisfied, and gratified, and happy that we concluded the show in a way that felt true to the story we’ve been telling from the beginning. And hopefully it will have people leaning forward, and talking the next day about what it all means.”