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36 Times TV Blessed Us With Man Candy In 2015

Bring out the fainting couches, we're going to need them.

1. Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser on Outlander

Starz / Via

What makes him hot: The thick Scottish brogue coupled with the fact that this man can never seem to stay too long in clothing makes him a no-brainer. Jamie had a really rough year on Outlander, but remember when he jumped into a river and had to take all his clothes off? Beautiful.

2. Rami Malek as Elliot on Mr. Robot

Maarten De Boer / Via Getty Images

What makes him hot: Here's a code to break: Great lips. Even better eyes. Hoodies for days.

OK, that's clearly not a code, but the point is: Elliot has a lot of things going for him, aside from the breaks from reality thing. He's troubled, in that brooding, full of secrets, you want to fix him and make out under a blanket kind of way.

This was also a super important scene, tbh.


3. Jussie Smollett as Jamal Lyon on Empire


What makes him hot: Honestly, this image of Jamal just inspired a new song for us all to sing, called "My Pants Just Melted off My Body."

This scene, where Jamal is angry and gets a little rough, didn't hurt either.


4. Omari Hardwick as Ghost on Power

CBS Television Studios

What makes him hot: Who cares if this man sells drugs and lives a double life — he’s constantly having the most visually intense sex with Angela, and did you see those arms? Of course you saw them.

5. Matt Bomer as Donovan on American Horror Story


What makes him hot: When you want to fantasize about meeting a wealthy bad boy and having a weekend fling, here comes Donovan. With his cheekbones for days, ice blue eyes, and couture clothing, it's enough to make you forget he's a vampire and might kill you at any moment.

And there was this amazing thing...


:::dies and comes back as a vampire:::

6. Jesse Williams as Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy


What makes him hot: Jackson's year has been a bit of a shitstorm, to put it lightly. And yet, he still manages to look like this. And be a doctor, saving people's lives and shit. That's just hot AF.

7. Grant Gustin as Barry Allen on The Flash


What makes him hot: You hear the words "fastest man alive" and don't necessarily conjure up images of a good time but, my god, is Barry a good time. He's super smart, adorably geeky, and legitimately a good man. Someone you could bring home to your parents, and then take to your room and lock the door.

8. Colin O’Donoghue as Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time


What makes him hot: Hooks are underrated as an accessory. I mean, just look at Captain Hook and try to tell me you wouldn't want to see what he could do with his.

9. Nico Tortorella as Josh on Younger

Darren Star Productions / Via

What makes him hot: Not only is Josh dating an older woman, but he’s also got all those tattoos. Just crawling up his bicep and…yep, drooling.

Bonus: His personal Instagram has a whole lot of shirtless pics. You’re welcome.

10. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Jason Crouse on The Good Wife


What makes him hot: In the Venn diagram of hot guys and men who will give you daddy issues, there is Jason Crouse right in the center. Maybe it's the salt-and-pepper beard. Or the fact that Jason is so damn mysterious. Or all of the undeniable chemistry he has with Alicia but, regardless, the private investigator is sexy.

11. Kit Harington as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones

HBO / Via

What makes him hot: You know nothing, Jon Snow. Except how to still be a really pretty crow while killing all the White Walkers. Also, this Season 6 poster makes what happened to you this past year totally OK.

12. Clive Standen as Rollo on Vikings

History Channel / Via

What makes him hot: "PILLAGE ME!!!" is pretty much the vibe Rollo makes us all have whenever he's onscreen. I mean, is this man actually crafted from Viking steel? Because it would absolutely appear so based on his chest.

13. Jon Michael Hill as Marcus Bell on Elementary

What makes him hot: It's a damn shame that Marcus only had a handful of episodes devoted to his character this season, damn. He looks great in his uniform. He also looks great in street clothes. And quite honestly, he'd also look great shirtless, probably, and that should be an episode for next year, WRITERS.

14. Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead


What makes him hot: We need to talk about Rick this year. Because he'd been greasy and bearded for so long that it's easy to forget how SMOKING HOT he is in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling truly blessed that Rick found a shower and a razor and lost his shirt in the process.

15. Billy Brown as Nate on How to Get Away With Murder


What makes him hot: We should add an 11th Commandment to the Bible: "Thou shall not worship any other men's bodies except for Nate's," because...hello, abs. Hello, shoulders. Hi there, pecs, it's me...needing Nate to be shirtless all the time.

16. Kendrick Sampson as Caleb on How to Get Away With Murder

ABC / Via

What makes him hot: Sure, he was accused of murder this season, but who among us hasn't been, amirite? Caleb is rich AF and rocks the hell out of a knit sweater. Not to mention his eyes, which are somehow always piercing and pleading at the same time.

17. Freddie Stroma as Adam Cromwell on Unreal


What makes him hot: Oh, Adam. Poor, rich, beautiful, sex-crazed Adam. He was not necessarily a good man. He was entitled, destructive, and pretty much down to use people for his own needs. But then he had those moments — the ones where he'd be really vulnerable or, ya know, be caught having sex with an older woman that made you think, "Hm, I think I like you now."

18. Rahul Kohli as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti on iZombie


What makes him hot: You know when you have a fever, and the only cure is a smart AF doctor with the kind of beard you could settle down with? That's Ravi. He's a hot doctor, 'nuff said.

19. Thomas Q. Jones as Cutty Buddy on Being Mary Jane

BET / Via

What makes him hot: Thanksgiving just passed, but might I propose a second day of thanks in honor of Cutty Buddy. This man has singlehandedly made being single look like the best possible option. His full-time job on the show is to give sexual healing to Mary Jane, and the sex scenes are...incredible.

20. Dylan O'Brien as Stiles on Teen Wolf

MTV / Via

What makes him hot: Oh, Stiles. You started off this show as such a cute geek, and now you're a bona fide hunk, protecting people and shit. This was a good year for Stiles' arms, and I, for one, welcome more of them on my TV screen.

21. Pedro Pascal as Javier Peña on Narcos


What makes him hot: You know that thing when you see an attractive person's face, then blackout, come to, and realize that the person you saw is a beautiful angel, here to save you from an otherwise bland existence? That's what Javier is. He's an angel of hotness, and also an authoritative DEA agent. He wears a uniform and has all manner of handcuffs. Also, this is Pedro Pascal, and it's impossible to make him look bad. Even that 'stache can't stifle his heat.

22. Stephen Schneider as Jeremy on Broad City

Comedy Central

What makes him hot: Abby lusting after Jeremy and his hipster beard is all of us lusting after Jeremy. He's sweet and handsome and turns out to be pretty open to new sexual experiences... I'm talking about dildos in the butt, people.

Never forget the pegging scene.

Comedy Central

23. Aziz Ansari as Dev on Master of None

Netflix / Via

What makes him hot: Is it possible to be attracted to a five-o'clock shadow? Because Dev almost always has one, and I almost always want to make out with it. Dev is a no-bullshit kind of guy, which is very appealing. And there are so many small moments that make Dev endearing. Can I take Dev home to my mom? Yes. And can I make out with his shadow? No? OK.

24. Rob Delaney as Rob on Catastrophe

Avalon Television / Via

What makes him hot: FUNNY PEOPLE ARE SEXY. There, I said it. And Rob is funny and a good man, and he puts up with a lot of U.K. dry humor. Also, as Sharon often points out, he's built like a damn lumberjack. And lumberjacks, as we all know, can get it.

25. The Rock as Spencer Strasmore on Ballers

HBO / Via

What makes him hot: If Spencer is what a money manager looks like, then TAKE MY MONEY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. As a retired NFL player, you know this man knows how to tackle some things, if you catch my drift. Plus, there's actually no situation in which The Rock isn't sexy.

26. Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh Chan on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The CW

What makes him hot: If any of us were lucky enough to date Josh, then we surely would become his crazy ex-girlfriend in the process. Not only is he built like a man who could carry your couch into a moving truck, but he's got great dance moves. He's versatile for so many different situations! We should date! Please return my calls!

27. Nick Jonas as Boone on Scream Queens


What makes him hot: Every time Boone steps onscreen, a million audible grunts can be heard across the country. Boone didn't have the most screen time out of the Scream Queens cast, but when he did, it usually involved flexing, posing in front of a mirror, or delightfully lusting after Chad.

28. Glen Powell as Chad Radwell on Scream Queens

Fox / Via

What makes him hot: Look, Chad Radwell is hot. And as he's pointed out, several times on the show, loads of women and men want to have sex with him. He's into having sex in graveyards and with older women, and he seems to have a ~thing~ for death scenarios. So, really, Chad Radwell's the whole package.

29. John Stamos as Jimmy Martino on Grandfathered

20th Century Fox Television

What makes him hot: This is a total GILF sitch, a grandpa we'd like to fuck type of deal. The way John Stamos has aged makes it easy to believe in deals with the devil, fountains of youth, and vampires. And, personally, I'm fine with whichever route he took to get to here.

30. Boris Kodjoe as Phil Miller #2 on The Last Man on Earth


What makes him hot: If this is what the end of the world looks like, then bring me the shirtless Phil #2!

31. Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector on The Fall

BBC Northern Ireland

What makes him hot: To be perfectly honest, Paul is a serial killer. That's not a great quality when looking for someone to make your eyes twitch. But what I'm suggesting is...maybe it's OK that he's killing people? I mean, remember that hotel scene where he gets a little 50 Shades on us? Yeah, you do what you gotta do, Paul.

32. Sascha Radetsky as Ross on Flesh and Bone


What makes him hot: If you aren't gripping the couch as you watch what Ross's thighs look like in his barely there ballet costumes, then you're not doing it right. Couple that with his penchant for flirting with anything that moves, and you've got yourself an arabesque into "Yes, more of him!" town.

33. Rob Lowe as Dean Sanderson on The Grinder

Paul Mogel Productions

What makes him hot: Rob Lowe, much like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is an American national treasure. So he'd be sexy in pretty much anything. But there's something about how blissfully unaware the character of Dean is that makes him even more charming than you thought possible for Lowe.

34. Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal) and Hugh Dancy (Will Graham) on Hannibal


What makes them hot: In a perfect world, Hannibal never would've been canceled, and Will and Hannibal would be married in a small, private ceremony in the Tuscan countryside. Alas, the world is imperfect, and as such we'll just have to settle for this GIF of Will and Hannibal holding each other, covered in at least a gallon of blood.

35. Matthew Rhys as Philip Jennings on The Americans

What makes him hot: Philip wears a lot of wigs. Like, some of them are borderline offensive. And yet, through the wigs, glasses, and multitude of fake costume accoutrements, you can always see those vaguely eyeliner-heavy eyes. Plus, he has really hot sex with his wife, and other women who are not his wife.

36. Justin Theroux as Kevin Garvey on The Leftovers


What makes him hot: Look at this photo and then remember that Kevin is a dad. This is his "dad bod." Remember this bod the next time Father's Day rolls around, and you're looking for some other dads to give thanks for.

And as a final, delightful bonus, here's that NSFW scene in Season 2, Episode 8, "International Assassin"...


Justin Theroux puts the ASS in ASSassin, amirite?!

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