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If McDonald's Toys Existed For Twentysomethings

Bah da bah ba ba, I'm chuggin' it!

1. A limited edition McDonald's wineglass, complete with boxed wine.

2. A free Tinder Plus subscription for unlimited left swipes.

3. A most necessary neck pillow.

4. A travel-sized jar of Nutella with a mini spreader.

5. A free subscription to Netflix, plus a free DVD to remind you of a time before watching TV online.

6. Travel-sized alcohols.

7. Sunglasses with embedded Instagram filters that you can flip through.

8. A mini video game of how to navigate the health care system.

9. A Grumpy Cat plush toy that says "I hate people" when you squeeze it.

10. An app that reminds you when to call your parents.

11. Awards for doing the simple things in life.

12. And a separate FB account that looks appropriate for all your relatives.