Matthew McConaughey Has Been Posting To YouTube For Over Two Years And No One Noticed

    Alright, alright, alright, this is a thing that happened.

    When a Reddit user posted, "Matthew McConaughey has a Youtube channel that nobody watches," a lot of people thought he was joking. did this happen?

    And no one is watching?!

    Yes, it is actually McConaughey in these videos, and for the most part he's talking about how to give back through charity donations.

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    McConaughey encourages viewers to donate to the just keep livin Foundation, which is an after school wellness program for inner city schools.

    The earliest video is from September of 2014, and now has 150k views.

    While the most recent video is a trailer for his upcoming animated film Sing, where he plays a koala named Buster Moon. (lol)

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    But within two days of the Reddit post the channel itself went from having a few hundred subscribers to now having over 57k.

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    Of course, everyone had the same thing to say about all this.

    Alright, alright, alright, one thing is clear: we clearly need more McConaughey videos in our lives.