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    Jun 24, 2013

    "Mad Men" Then And Now

    A lot has changed since Season 1: Pete's hairline, for example. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

    1. Ken Cosgrove THEN: A total misogynist.

    Ken Cosgrove NOW:

    2. Don's office THEN:

    Don's office NOW:

    3. The clients THEN:

    Sterling Cooper landed Lucky Strike, Right Guard, Menkin's Department Store, and Bethlehem Steel Company.

    The clients NOW:

    Along with juice, there's Jaguar, Heinz, Chevy, and St. Joseph Aspirin.

    4. Secretaries THEN:

    Secretaries NOW:

    5. Joan's view on life THEN:

    Joan's life NOW:

    6. Don's mistress THEN:

    Don's mistress NOW:

    7. The firm's attitude on Jewish people THEN:

    The firm's Jewish hire NOW:

    8. Pete and Peggy THEN:

    Pete and Peggy NOW:

    9. Love THEN:

    Love NOW: Your boss is not-so-secretly lusting after you.

    10. Roger and Joan THEN:

    Roger and Joan NOW:

    11. Don's dinner THEN:

    Don's dinners NOW:

    12. Formal attire THEN:

    Formal attire NOW:

    13. Creepy Glen THEN:

    Less creepy Glen NOW:

    14. Work drinks THEN:

    Work drinks NOW:

    15. Don's home life THEN:

    Don's home life NOW:

    16. Pete's home life then:

    Pete's home life NOW:

    17. Parties THEN:

    Parties NOW:

    18. Drinking whiskey THEN:

    Drinking whiskey NOW:

    19. The boardroom THEN:

    The boardroom NOW:

    20. Pete's mother THEN:

    Dot Campbell NOW:

    21. Cars THEN:

    Cars NOW:

    22. Sterling Cooper THEN:

    Sterling Cooper NOW:

    23. Casual women's clothing THEN:

    Casual women's clothing NOW:

    24. Pete's hairline THEN:

    Pete's hairline NOW:

    25. Don's home THEN:

    Don's home NOW:

    26. Adolescent Sally:

    27. Sally NOW:

    28. Therapy THEN:

    Therapy NOW:

    29. Pete THEN:

    Pete NOW:

    30. Men's facial hair THEN: clean shaven

    Men's facial hair NOW: 'staches for days

    31. Drugs THEN: marijuana.

    Drugs NOW: amphetamines in your butt.

    32. Trudy's attitude toward Pete THEN:

    Trudy's attitude toward Pete NOW:

    33. Getting tucked into bed THEN:

    Getting tucked into bed NOW:

    34. Peggy THEN:

    Peggy NOW:

    35. Don at the bar THEN:

    Don at the bar NOW:

    36. The Mad Men silhouette THEN:

    The Mad Men silhouette NOW: