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"Mad Men" Season 6 Predictions

Mad Men's Season 6 premiere will be a two-hour episode!

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Time to break out the scotch and light a cigarette, because Don Draper, Fat Betty, and Slutty Megan are all coming back to a living room near you on Sunday, April 7. Hooray!

Here's what we're hoping to see and what we think will happen in Season 6 of Mad Men.


1. Don will totally be creeping. (On the DL.)

Sorry, Don and Megan fans! But we want our old Don back. The one we hated to love, because he's such a bastard. A sexy, insatiable, rugged bastard.

4. More people will punch Pete Campbell. (Hopefully.)

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There's a lot to like about Mad Men, but few things felt as satisfying as watching Lane punch Pete out last season. Here's hoping someone picks up that noble torch.


7. RIP Fat Betty.

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While we enjoyed seeing Betty Draper, nay, Francis, eat each and every one of her many feelings, now we want to see her happy. Or, at least, thinner. Basically we're sick of her wearing moo-moos.


And here's a little something extra, just to refresh your memory...

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Behold the last three minutes from Season 5, and start counting down to Season 6!

Have any predictions of your own?! Tell us!


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