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21 Lisa Frank Products Every Girl Wanted In The '90s

BRB, going to buy a "vintage" trapper keeper.

1. This Roary Polar Bear folder was very necessary, and you knew it was Lisa Frank from the colors alone.

2. Everyone would be super jealous if you went to school with this Roxie and Rollie three-ring binder.

3. Because you could put your Markie unicorn pocket folder in there...

4. And obviously this sticker insert sheet was going in your binder too.

5. You had about a million things to put in this Panda Painter tin.

Hint: All of your secrets, and probably some stickers.

6. And you begged your parents for this all-in-one stationery set so you practice writing "formal" letters.

7. So you obviously needed this clipboard to help you write all those letters on.

8. This Rainbow Chaser diary was where all of your most ~intimate~ secrets lived.

9. And the importance of having a six-color pen could not be stressed enough.

10. You absolutely hated waiting for photos to develop, because all you wanted was to put them in your Hunter photo album.

11. And you ended up staring into the tropical koala's eyes more than you took notes in the actual trapper keeper.

12. You kept all of your Lisa Frank pencils in their Lisa Frank hard pencil case.

13. You know for a fact that the Rainbow Reef Seal sticker box held all of your most valuable sticker items.

14. Like this totally amazing sticker sheet, which you could not leave the store without.

15. While your craft box held all of your markers, erasers, and other super important items.

All of them were Lisa Frank approved, obviously.

16. OK, fine, so these Markie the Unicorn erasers didn't actually work that well, but they were unicorns AND erasers. (!!!)

17. You can absolutely remember getting one of these sets and squealing with excitement.

18. But if one of your friends had the ULTIMATE Hunter sticker book, calculator, address book, and memo pad... you were jealous.

19. When it came to taking notes, you were all about the playtime kittens snap notebook.

20. And you also remember having a pocket notepad in case any inspiration hit while you were on the go.

21. Somewhere in your childhood home there's a Lisa Frank collection you can't throw away, and you secretly wish there were adult versions of all of these.