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    Kit Harrington Avoids Speeding Ticket And Makes A Cop's Day

    Jon Snow knows some things. (WARNING: Game of Thrones spoiler ahead)

    On Friday night, Kit Harington — Lord Commander, Jon Snow, Ned Stark's bastard — stopped by Jimmy Fallon to tell a story about what life is like as Jon Snow.

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    And (SPOILER ALERT) it was really hard to keep Jon Snow's fate all to himself.

    He explained that there was one man on the outside world who knew what happened long before we did: a police officer.

    Apparently Kit was driving a touch too fast, being "a bit naughty."

    And when the cop pulled him over, he gave Kit two very simple options...

    So Kit did what any normal human would, and chose to fess up to get out of the ticket.

    Turns out that it actually worked, and the cop sent him the Lord Commander off with a warning.

    If only we could all use the Jon Snow method to get out of tickets!! 😭