Kate Middleton’s Royal Baby Shower Was Reenacted By Look-Alikes

It’s just as weird as it sounds.

1. Behold this faux royal baby shower, complete with a Duchess of Cambridge look-alike, a “Born To Rule” onesie, and a corgi driving a toy car.

Alison Jackson / Rex / Rex USA

Side note: ALL of these people are look-alikes and not the real royal family members.

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2. Watch as “Pippa” pours “Kate” some totally not product placement juice.

Alison Jackson / Rex / Rex USA


3. Yes, this is EXACTLY what the Duchess’ big day would be like…

Alison Jackson / Rex / Rex USA

4. Except…WAIT, is that the Queen holding a…cupcake? Like some street urchin?! MOOD DESTROYED.

Alison Jackson / Rex / Rex USA

A lot of these look-alikes are so legit that I’m not totally convinced they’re not the real deal. (Looking at you, Camilla. Besides, it’s not like you’ve got anything else going on.)

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