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Josh Groban's 16 Most Important Hair Moments

When the world ends, it will be Josh Groban's hair that floats up to heaven first. Hang onto it, if you can!

1. When we met this bouffant of awesome.

2. When Josh woke up to a domineering slice of bed head that threatened to take over the universe.

3. When he looked up, and his hair was so magical that a dozen angels swept down from heaven to watch its perfection.

4. When his flowing locks faced off with Michael Bublé's crop cut, and won.

They sang together guys, but it's clear Josh's hair stole the show.

5. When he sang some note that shattered glass, and yet his hair stayed magically in place.

6. When even the cuteness of this dog couldn't overwhelm the perfection of Josh's coif.

Twitter: @joshgroban

The dog's name is Sweeney, and his curls are ALMOST as cute as Josh's. Almost.

7. When Josh laughed at the suggestion that his hair is anything other than superior to The Biebs'.

8. When Josh's hair had to fight against some epic hurricane.

9. When Josh tried to go blond, but his dark locks fiercely shined through.

Twitter: @joshgroban

I see your roots Josh, and they demand an explanation.

10. When his hair was faced with a backlight, and turned into a beautiful ray of sunshine.

11. When Josh revealed his luscious locks aren't limited to his head...

Da-YUM, girl ... how much?

12. When Josh drew a penis on a cup, but you'd never know it because you were too busy staring at DAT HAIR.

13. When Josh was so overwhelmed with his own hair's majesty, that he instinctively made an O-face.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

14. When his hair grew so long and feathery that he legitimately lost his ability to hear.

All he could hear was the sound of his hair's deliciousness.

15. So he cut some of it off, and it somehow looked even more heavenly.

16. Oh, and pretty much every day of Josh Groban's perfect hair life.

Let's all bow down to the winner of best hair, shall we?

It's Grobes for the win, folks.