Is This Famous Redhead A Natural Or Faking It?

Try and spot the dye jobs. Winner gets a lifetime supply of awesome points.

  1. 1. Christina Hendricks
    1. Look at that hair! Joan’s a natural, obvi.
    2. She was clearly meant to be a redhead, but wasn’t born that way.
  2. 2. Jessica Chastain
    1. Naturally she’s a natural. Naturally.
    2. She can thank her stylist for those Oscar noms.
  3. 3. Lucille Ball
    1. I Love Lucy and her natural red hair!
    2. I Love Lucy, but that’s a total dye job.
  4. 4. Prince Harry
    1. Come on, this one’s easy! He’s a royal redhead.
    2. He may be royal, but that’s no natural redhead!
  5. 5. Isla Fisher
    1. “Wedding Crashers” girl? Oh yeah, she’s a total redhead.
    2. Not a chance in natural hell that she’s real.
  6. 6. Amy Adams
    1. Hello, natural!
    2. Goodbye, faker!
  7. 7. Nicole Kidman
    1. Nic’s got an honest face. Gonna go with au naturale.
    2. I’ve seen her as a blond before, and that’s my final answer!
  8. 8. Angie Everhart
    1. Hot redhead model with natural locks, for sure.
    2. Hot model with a dye job, duh.
  9. 9. Emma Stone
    1. Are you kidding? This girl’s my redhead goddess!
    2. I wish it were natural, but it’s just not.
  10. 10. Jayma Mays from "Glee"
    1. I’ll gleefully report that she’s a natural.
    2. “Glee” has a dye job, and her name is Jayma.
  11. 11. Rupert Grint
    1. This witch is a natural.
    2. Not real, he dyed his hair for the “Harry Potter” role.
  12. 12. Julianne Moore
    1. She’s perfect in every natural sense of the word.
    2. She’s a beauty, and I wish she’d share her dye job secrets!
  13. 13. Laura Prepon
    1. I only watched “That ’70s Show” for Laura and her real red color.
    2. Girl is a blast from the dye job past!
  14. 14. Alyson Hannigan
    1. I know a redhead when I see one!
    2. I smell a faker!
  15. 15. David Bowie
    1. Look at that fair skin, he’s a ginger.
    2. This is a “Young American” faker.
  16. 16. Deborah Ann Woll
    1. I’d bet a vampire bite that she’s real.
    2. Fang me once, shame on you, fang me twice shame on me. Fake!
  17. 17. Molly Ringwald
    1. My ’80s icon is a natural.
    2. My ’80s icon got herself a dye job.
  18. 18. Lindsay Lohan
    1. Natural red is what LiLo looks best in.
    2. Her “Mean Girls” dye job was the best she’s ever looked!

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