Is This A Real 2013 Kentucky Derby Horse Name?

Some of these horses will be competing in the Kentucky Derby this Saturday. Can you guess which ones are fake?

  1. 1. Black Onyx
    1. That’s a derby horse.
    2. That’s the name of a gemstone, not a horse.
  2. 2. Charming Kitten
    1. What a charming name for a horse!
    2. This is a trick.
  3. 3. Palace Malice
    1. Odds-on this winner.
    2. It’s police malice, ya dummy!
  4. 4. Java's War
    1. Yeah, this is a thing.
    2. This doesn’t even make sense.
  5. 5. Frac Daddy
    1. Frac yes!
    2. More like Mac Daddy.
  6. 6. Fear The Kitten
    1. I fear I’ll be betting on this horse.
    2. I fear this is not a real name.
  7. 7. Lines of Buzz
    1. This horse is buzzing to the finish line.
    2. This is also not a thing.
  8. 8. Giant Finish
    1. Epic name for an epic horse.
    2. Lame name, not a horse.
  9. 9. Itsmyluckyday
    1. Itsahorse
    2. Itdoesnthaveproperpunctuation
  10. 10. Goldencents
    1. I’ll be rolling in goldencents when I bet on this horse.
    2. My two cents tells me this is a fake.
  11. 11. Mylute
    1. My money’s on Mylute.
    2. Not a real name, weirdo.
  12. 12. Lady Poppy
    1. Luck be a Lady Poppy on derby day!
    2. Not a horse, but a darn cute name for my future cat.
  13. 13. Will Take Charge
    1. I will bet this is a horse.
    2. I will take congratulatory high fives when I prove this is false.
  14. 14. Normandy Invasion
    1. It’s Allied forces for the win!
    2. More like a fakers invasion.
  15. 15. Falling Sky
    1. Obviously this is legit. Obvi.
    2. The sky IS falling because this is an insanely fake name.
  16. 16. Orb
    1. I am ORBsolutely sure this is a name.
    2. Orb you kidding me?!
  17. 17. Golden Soul
    1. Double down on Golden Soul!
    2. LOL, yeah right.
  18. 18. Overanalyze
    1. Don’t overanalyze this one.
    2. A neurotic race horse? I think not.
  19. 19. Verrazano
    1. Verified Verrazano.
  20. 20. Governor Twinkles
    1. This is the horse that’s winning the derby.
    2. The 2013 derby won’t ever know a Gov. Twinkles.

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