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    19 Ways An Industrial Bar Cart Can Improve Your Life

    Just in case you're looking for somewhere gorgeous to rest your whiskey...

    1. You can turn your bar cart into a mini-speakeasy with vintage bottles and art.

    2. Try a petite and pretty cart when you have limited space but still want to add some class.

    3. This 1940s vintage cart is incredibly unique with glass and its original red vise.

    It'll add depth to a room and your cocktails. (Another Etsy find!)

    4. If you prefer something sleek, this reclaimed wood bar will be the perfect place to support your barware.

    5. Does this cart feel epic in a literary way? That's because it's a former library cart turned bar cart.

    6. To make your cart feel warm, small touches like fresh flowers make a big impact.

    7. What better way to display those decanters than on this industrial cart?

    8. If the reclaimed wood from a 75-year-old barn isn’t enough of a sell, then the bonus wine storage should be!

    9. The metal cage doors may seem intimidating, but who wouldn't want to be a little overprotective, right?

    10. But who needs to hang art when your cart is tall enough to accent the walls?

    11. If you mean business (and I think you do), then this 6-foot-tall cart is sturdy enough to carry everything you'll ever need.

    12. I'm not sure what's prettier: the crystal decanters or the cart? (But probably all of the above.)

    13. It's not hard to imagine pushing this gorgeous cart around at a party, right?

    14. If you need something edgier, this large cart from the '60s has that aged industrial look.

    15. A simple and chic black cart will never go out of style.

    16. But if you're feeling bold, the bright red door of this '70s rolling metal cabinet turned cart will stand out in any room.

    17. This one's not for any lightweights out there — it weighs a whopping 180 pounds with the original maple butcher's block.

    18. This 1940s cart has refurbished wood from a rail yard, and tall handles so it's easy to move around.

    19. Looking for a DIY project? Instructions on how to make this lovely lime green cart over at A Beautiful Mess.

    Cheers to these!