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Kanye West Released A Video Of A Celeb Orgy And People Have A Lot To Say About It

So. Many. Questions.

On Friday night, Kanye West premiered the music video for "Famous" off of his album The Life of Pablo, and there were a LOT of naked celebs in it.


And by "naked celebs," I mean people or figurines who look like these celebrities and are more than likely NOT the actual celebrities.

ICYMI: The are a lot of celebs in one giant bed while a camera voyeuristically pans across them. (And yes, that's supposed to be Taylor Swift* next to Kanye.) At one point, everyone snores together. Some people move a little. IDK.


*Not Taylor Swift at all.

The camera eventually pans out to this shot, and just so we're clear on who's who here:


A) George W. Bush, B) Anna Wintour, C) Donald Trump, D) Rihanna, E) Chris Brown, F) Taylor Swift, G) Kanye West, H) Kim Kardashian West, I) Ray J, J) Amber Rose, K) Caitlyn Jenner, L) Bill Cosby

The scene is a nod to Vincent Desiderio's "Sleep" painting, in case you're trying to keep up.

Kanye took Vincent Desiderio's "Sleep" & brought it to life with a modern twist.. if that isn't genius idk what is.

And folks on Twitter had a lot to say about it all, obviously.

1. People freaked out:


but Ye really put Bill Cosby next to Caitlyn Jenner...😭😭 #TIDALXFAMOUS


When I saw everybody naked in bed together. #TIDALXFAMOUS


Releasing a video with photoshopped bodies of celebrities naked? #TIDALXFAMOUS


Waiting to see who responds first... #TIDALXFAMOUS

6. There was a lot of chatter about the celebs in the vid filing lawsuits...

Calling a lawyer near you... #TIDALXFAMOUS


when you realize your husband is about to get sued by literally everyone #TIDALXFAMOUS


Taylor & her team right #TIDALXFAMOUS


Taylor on the phone with her lawyers after watching the Famous video #TidalXFamous

10. And guessing as to what Kris Jenner was up to...

Kris Jenner directing this video like #TIDALXFAMOUS


Kris Jenner is probably the only person pissed they didn't get to be in the video #TIDALXFAMOUS

12. And people also took aim at the noticeable lack of a certain couple...

Beyonce: He know damn well not to put me in that bed. #TIDALXFAMOUS


you know Hov was at the theater super nervous like #TIDALXFAMOUS

14. Either way, Kanye: What an interesting thing indeed.