19 Times Ichabod Crane Was Adorably Clueless On "Sleepy Hollow"

    "You pay... for water?" And most of the other times he's on Sleepy Hollow.

    1. The first time he took a shower and nearly drowned.

    2. When he blew into a breathalyzer after a bar and totally "won."

    3. That time when Abbie's sign of friendship was offensive.

    4. When bottled water was absolutely absurd.

    5. That time he had to call NorthStar to unlock a car door, and he thanked Yolanda profusely for rescuing him.

    6. When he didn't quite understand what "getting busy" meant.

    7. When Ichabod and Katrina discovered the beauty of ~The Bachelor~.

    Reality TV, it's confusing for everyone!

    8. Crane's first Christmas, when he was given the magic of a stocking.

    9. Tape, in general.

    10. When Abbie tried to update Ichabod's wardrobe, and failed.

    To be honest, though: 19th Century Crane > Hipster Jeans Crane

    11. When he was trapped in a coffin (naturally) and ran out of memory on his phone.

    12. That time he saw one Starbucks... then another... and ANOTHER.

    13. The moment Crane discovered DOUGHNUT HOLES, and his worldview was forever changed.

    14. But then Ichabod just COULD NOT with the whole taxes on doughnut holes thing.

    Something as beautiful as a doughnut hole should flow like water through the streets, amiright?!

    15. Also, pens on chains in banks, because obviously.

    16. When he couldn't keep his DC and Marvel characters straight.

    They both wear glasses sometimes, to be fair.

    17. When he saw the man's face on his phone.

    18. When he had a cappuccino that nearly made him black out from happiness.

    19. And when he unintentionally discovered porn.