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This Turkey Bread Centerpiece Is Magical

BRB, need to eat this centerpiece now.

OK, so just a warning: Baking bread and molding bread is not the easiest thing in the world. In fact, it's pretty difficult. But this how-to video and recipe should make things a lot easier, especially if you're looking for a unique piece to add to your Thanksgiving feast.

In honor of the holiday, the chef's at Little Next Door, a Los Angeles brasserie with a tradition of baking up these adorable turkey centerpieces, shared their recipe.

A centerpiece that's edible? And tasty? And cute? And vegetarian? Take me to it!

For starters, they've got this behind-the-scenes video showing you the process:

View this video on YouTube

And here are the full directions for Little Next Door's turkey bread:

Ingredients for the bread:

-3 lbs flour bread

-1 oz dry instant yeast

-1 oz salt

-1 lb levain

-Between 5 and 6 cups of cold water


-Set your Oven to 350 degrees, and the chef recommends that you have an image of a turkey in front of you for reference. (Gobble gobble!)

To shape the body:

Mold the dough into a large ball shape

To shape the tail:

-Roll out a section of the dough and cut a 5-6" circle

-Crease one end of the circle to make a fan shape

-Make slices on the fanned section (Do not cut fully through the dough)

To shape the neck:

-Roll another section into a Cylinder (or tube) shape, keeping more dough at the top to make the head.

-This is where the photo of the turkey will come in handy! Refer to it when creating the head.

To bake the turkey:

-Set the dough on the counter in a warm place to rise.

-When fully risen, egg wash all the pieces of the turkey.

-Bake all pieces on 350 degrees in the oven. Bake the tail and neck for 20 minutes and the body for 45 minutes until golden brown.

-Take your pieces out of the oven.

-Take the body of the turkey and cut a hole in the back and front.

-Stick the tail in the back part of the body and the neck into the front.

Finishing touches:

-For the eye of the Turkey... be creative (Cranberry, Nut, Seed)

-Refer to the video if you need any other garnish ideas!