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How Emoji Are You?

Do you even remember words?

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  1. Step 1: Check off all that apply to you.

    The last text you sent included an emoji.
    In fact, you don't remember the last time you sent a text without an emoji.
    When someone asks how you’re doing, you don’t reply with words: an emoji speaks for you.
    Sometimes several emojis speak for you.
    You've sent a text that only consists of emojis.
    You feel a close, inexplicable bond with the poop emoji.
    You've found yourself smiling back at it, actually.
    And you've felt personally victimized by the painting nails emoji.
    (But you've also used the painting nail emoji when you want people to know you give zero fucks.)
    When you instagram, you better believe there will be an emoji in the caption.
    And when you comment on other people's photos, there's no better way to say it than with an emoji.
    You've had an entire, meaningful conversation with someone solely through emojis.
    You have a favorite emoji.
    Someone has told you to "get a new emoji" because you use it so much.
    But you'd never do that, because that emoji is PART OF YOU.
    You often daydream about what combination of emojis would form words and sentences.
    And then you use those emoji combos to communicate with others.
    When someone doesn't respond with an emoji, you assume they're mad.
    That's because you can't type anything anymore without adding an emoji to share your feelings.
    You've said, "I'm addicted to emojis," and meant it.
    And people have agreed with you.
    You literally have no words when someone doesn't know what an emoji means.
    You often feel the need to add an emoji to things where you can't add emojis.
    Like, for example, this speaks to you: "Hi, I'll take a large cheese pizza with cat emojis on top."
    New emojis cannot come fast enough.
    You can think of at least 15 emojis you'd like to see happen.
    You've actually stopped texting people who don't speak emoji, because you don't know how to talk to them.
    You have a high tolerance for other people who use loads of emojis.
    And it doesn't bother you when someone responds with just an emoji.
    You can find the right emoji faster than it would take to type out "Hey."
    Someone has told you, "That emoji was perfect," and it was the greatest compliment ever.
    And someone has asked you for emoji tips and tricks.
    If you don't use an emoji one day, your whole day just feels... off.
    And when someone sends you an emoji in a text, you feel much happier.
    Actually, you don't know how to type out words anymore, because the only words you know are in emoji.

How Emoji Are You?

Step 2: See what your score means for your emoji survival rate.

  1. 1.

How Emoji Are You?

You got: You don't actually need emojis

While you enjoy a tasteful dancing ladies emoji every now and then, they're not really your "thing." And you're definitely not fluent in emoji. (But you can be, if you set your heart on it.)

You don't actually need emojis
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You got: You'd survive a week without emojis

Your restraint with emojis is admirable. Like any good emoji connoisseur, you use them when needed, and know when to say enough is enough.

You'd survive a week without emojis
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You got: You're addicted to emojis

You MIGHT be able to go a day without using an emoji, if you're lucky. But the truth is, you have a NEED. A need for wonderful, fantastic emojis. Don't ever change.

You're addicted to emojis
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You got: Cannot survive a minute without emojis

Look, we're all not worthy because your emoji game is ON. POINT. And as of now, you're fluent in emoji in that you live, breathe, and eat them. Don't ever try to stop, because if you do, you'll just die, basically.

Cannot survive a minute without emojis
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