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    How Could Sergeant Brody Return To "Homeland"?

    Damian Lewis is officially confirmed for Season 3. So, how exactly are they going to show him in the episodes?!

    The third season of Homeland premieres Sept. 29, and guess who's coming back?! Even though it seems impossible, POW-turned-terrorist-turned-Congressman Nicholas Brody will return.

    Here's how the writers might handle the plotline.

    Realistically, they'll show Brody on the run.

    Well, "run" is a strong word. Maybe some nice person who doesn't have access to a TV/phone/Internet will give the handsome would-be terrorist a ride.

    Or maybe he'll escape into the woods and live there for a while.

    These woods will have colorful animals, plant life, and dancing.

    That is, if they don't show him immediately captured and sent to jail.

    There will be dancing there too.

    Or maybe they'll just have him check in with his fam via social media.

    And Skype him into the episodes.

    And it will slowly drive Carrie insane...

    Until she makes an inspired collage that lands her back in the psych ward.

    If they do plan on bringing Brody back without arresting him...

    ...maybe he can dress in drag, a la Mrs. Doubtfire, and sneak back into the lives of his family, playing the role of bumbling housemaid.

    Or perhaps Carrie will sacrifice her own life for the man she loves.

    They could also pull a Tupac and hologram him into situations.

    We won't know how or why, but, then again, do we ever really know why holograms are happening? (Except for the fact that they're awesome, of course.)

    Have any other ideas for how Brody will come back to "Homeland"?

    Share them below!

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