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25 Hottest TV Sex Scenes Of 2015, Ranked From Worst To Best

Cars, alleys, and libraries — sex was any and everywhere in 2015. Not complaining, just saying!

25. Claire and Frank, House of Cards

24. Marnie and Desi, Girls

23. Sam and Gilly, Game of Thrones

22. Don and Diana, Mad Men

21. Cookie and Lucious, Empire

20. Alex and Piper, Orange Is the New Black

19. Elliot and Shayla, Mr. Robot

18. Becky and J Poppa, Empire

17. Adam and Rachel, UnREAL

When it happened: Season 1, Episode 9, "Princess"

What made it hot: Rachel is an unhinged, self-destructive, sociopath, and Adam is basically the same. This was a hookup that was nine episodes in the making, and it was great to see Rachel with a man who doesn't have the personality of a potato (sorry, I'm not sorry, Jeremy).

16. Alicia and Johnny, The Good Wife

15. Michaela and Caleb, How to Get Away With Murder

14. Olivia and Fitz, Scandal

13. Felicity and Oliver, Arrow

12. The Countess and Donovan, American Horror Story: Hotel

11. Paul and Will, Days of Our Lives

10. Dorian Gray and Angelique, Penny Dreadful

9. Nomi, Lito, Will, and Wolfgang in Sense8

8. Karma, Shane, Wade, Faking It

7. Tasha and Shawn, Power

6. Elizabeth and the hotel manager, The Americans

5. Mary Jane and Cutty Buddy, Being Mary Jane

4. Kevin and Patrick, Looking

3. Claire and Jaime, Outlander

2. Cosima and Shay, Orphan Black

1. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, Jessica Jones

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