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Hillary Clinton Finally Addressed That Creepy Hovering Trump Did In The Debate

"'Whoa, this is really weird." — Hillary Clinton and lots of us.

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While appearing on Ellen DeGeneres's show on Friday, in her first big interview since the Oct. 9 debate, Hillary Clinton addressed the thing we were all pretty creeped out by...

Yup, I'm talking about Donald Trump's hovering around her onstage.

It just really creeped so many people out.

When this happens to me on a sidewalk, I basically start running.

Clinton told Ellen that Trump was trying "to dominate the space," adding that she could feel just how angry he was because of the leaked Access Hollywood tape.

"He was really all wrought up and you can just sense how much anger he had, and so he was really trying to dominate and then literally..."

"...stalk me around the stage, and I would just feel this presence behind me."

"And I thought, Whoa, this is really weird."

Clinton explained that despite the oddity of the situation, she just tried to maintain her composure.

Shimmying it off probably helps too, though.


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