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Here's The Amazing Maternity Gift Box All New Parents In Finland Get

Did I mention it's FREE and a gift from their government?! BRB moving to Finland.

A pregnant Reddit user in Finland uploaded photos of the government care box she received.

That's a photo of her cat, Simba, making sure the box is baby safe.

The practice of giving expectant parents a baby starter kit began in 1938.

The Reddit user also said, "Every mother in Finland, regardless of income or anything else, is eligible to get this box after 154 days of pregnancy. It costs nothing, to get it all an expectant mother needs to do is fill out a basic form and submit a certificate of pregnancy from her healthcare provider. I got my box today and this was what it had!"

If you're all set with baby basics, there's also an option to take a 140 euro cash grant.

But 95% of parents opt to go with the box, as it's estimated value is more than that.

The baby box includes body suits, snow suits, hats, boots, and mittens.

Along with a sleeping bag and sheet for the new one.

For parents, there are bra pads and condoms, and for the babies there are hygiene products, toys, a book, bibs, and other goodies.

Did I mention that the box has a mattress on the bottom so it can convert into a little baby bed?

The contents of each kit changes year to year, but the contents of the 2014 kit are listed on Finland's social security (Kela) site.


See you there!!

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