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Having Curly Hair: Expectations Vs. Reality

I love my curls, except when it's raining...

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Reality: Your hair has grown three sizes for some unknown, horrifying reason.

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Basically, if your hair touches a pillow, or sheets, it will rebel in the meanest way possible.


Reality: Bye bye, brush! I barely knew ye!

Reality: Is it though? Is it REALLY easier to tame my curls?

Let's count all of the products I'll be using today... Can I use my fingers AND toes?

Reality: You can wear a hat... you just can't take that shit off.

Reality: Parts of your hair can be SUPER curly, others can be totally not.

Like snowflakes: No two curls will look exactly alike!


12. Expectation: Your hair will frizz, but it can be tamed with products and a little curly TLC.

14. Expectation: You are having an AMAZING hair day, and life is LOOKING GOOD (as are you).

16. Expectation: People will constantly tell you how much they WISH they had curly hair.


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