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    Having Curly Hair: Expectations Vs. Reality

    I love my curls, except when it's raining...

    1. Expectation: Your hair looks great before going to bed, and it will STAY great for the next day.

    Reality: Your hair has grown three sizes for some unknown, horrifying reason.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Basically, if your hair touches a pillow, or sheets, it will rebel in the meanest way possible.

    2. Expectation: You'll take a shower and by the time you're dressed it will look FABULOUS.

    BBC / Via

    Reality: 4 hours later and you're still waiting for it to be completely dry.

    3. Expectation: You'll straighten your hair and it will be like some silky blanket. / Via MTV

    Smooth. Controlled. Easy.

    Reality: Sorta straight, sorta not, in general.

    If there's so much as a drop of humidity, it will find you and wreak havoc.

    4. Expectation: You can play with your curls as much as you like.

    Reality: The more you touch the BIGGER and BIGGER it grows!

    5. Expectation: A breeze will whip by and make you look like some foxy supermodel!

    Reality: That hair has now found a new favorite spot, and that spot is right in your eyeballs.

    6. Expectation: Every day your hair will be perfect ringlets and make your head look like a beautiful crown of curls.

    Reality: Maybe not.

    7. Expectation: You'll brush your hair everyday.

    Because that's what people do, rightttt?

    Reality: Bye bye, brush! I barely knew ye!

    8. Expectation: It's raining! Time to bust out the umbrella!

    Reality: It's raining, which means you are absolutely not leaving the house, or so much as opening a damn window.

    9. Expectation: Letting your hair be naturally curly is wayyyy easier than straightening it.

    Reality: Is it though? Is it REALLY easier to tame my curls?

    10. Expectation: Bad hair day? Put a hat on that!

    Reality: You can wear a hat... you just can't take that shit off.

    11. Expectation: Your curls will consistently be CURLY.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Reality: Parts of your hair can be SUPER curly, others can be totally not.

    12. Expectation: Your hair will frizz, but it can be tamed with products and a little curly TLC.


    13. Expectation: Time for a haircut! You'll try a new hairdresser and feel fly as fuck. / Via Cartoon Network

    Reality: YOU'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE. / Via Warner Bros.

    Why did you go to this person who has no idea what to do with curls!? DEAR GOD, WHY.

    14. Expectation: You are having an AMAZING hair day, and life is LOOKING GOOD (as are you).

    Reality: A good hair day means you won't be showering for days, because a shower means the end of that hair.

    15. Expectation: You'll put your hair in a ponytail on "bad" hair days.

    Reality: You'll spend hours trying to get that hair tie out without ripping off all your hair.

    16. Expectation: People will constantly tell you how much they WISH they had curly hair.

    Reality: You totally get it. Even though curls can sometimes be a pain, you'd never trade them for anything else.


    Curls = Awesome

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