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Goddamnit, Neville Longbottom Is Engaged

Errr...congrats, Matthew Lewis... :::cries:::

We all remember sweet, well-meaning Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter films, right?

And if you've been keeping up, then you know Neville (aka Matthew Lewis) is all GROWN UP.

And as TMZ reports, the 27-year-old is newly engaged...!

'Harry Potter' Star -- Hogwarts Hunk Gettin' Hitched ... No Love Potion Needed!! (PHOTO)

The lucky lady is Angela Jones, who met Lewis at a Wizarding World event at the Orlando theme park back in January. Must have been a damn magical encounter.

And the two have been engaged for at least a month, as evidenced by this photo taken back in November. Not a bad rock at all there.

Jones works for Universal theme parks in Orlando, and it looks like Lewis will be spending a lot more time there now.

Does anybody know of a decent pub/bar in the Orlando, FL. area that shows Super League (@leedsrhinos)? #WillingToTravel #AskingForMe #Thanks

Congrats to the new couple!!