This Sexy Calendar Is For Anyone With A "Thing" For Redhead Men

    And there are so many beautiful butts. All the butts.

    You may remember the year 2016, and how your life was made much much better by the Red Hot calendar. Well, it's about to be 2017, and the Red Hot calendar is BACK.

    And it looks like January will be hot enough to melt any lingering cold you may feel this winter.

    Meanwhile, April is positively stacked with possibilities.

    MAY you be interested in helping this ginger lad take a much-needed stretch?!

    And you might need to bust out the hose in July, because it's going to be a HOT ONE.

    Summer truly can't come soon enough.

    Here's a cool idea for a Halloween costume: a human blanket for Mr. October.

    And I think we all know what we'll want for the holidays in 2017...