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Ramsay Bolton Needs To Leave "Game Of Thrones" Now


1. As we've all learned from Game of Thrones, just when you think the worst is over the Lord of Light gives us Ramsay Bolton.

HBO / Via

2. We knew he was THE WORST because of, well, peen gate. / Via Disney / HBO

3. And all of the things he did to Sansa, which actually made you start to miss Joffrey.

HBO / Via

It was a simpler time, with Joff.

4. But Season 6 has cooked up its very own crockpot of fiery hell, c/o Ramsay.

HBO / Via

5. And honestly, it's just starting to all get to be a little too much.

HBO / Via

6. Like, how much worse can this actually get? ::: release the hounds :::

HBO / FOX / Via

7. And now that Rickon has had the unfortunate luck of getting captured, WHO THE HELL KNOWS what's going to happen.

8. But, like, Ramsay needs to be stopped. Doesn't matter how or when or why. It just needs to end.

HBO / Via


HBO / Via


HBO / Via

11. But, of course, as any Game of Thrones fan knows: there are no happy endings.

  1. Do you need Ramsay Bolton to get out of The North?

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Do you need Ramsay Bolton to get out of The North?
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    Out of The North, out of the Seven Kingdoms...He needs to go.
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    Out of The North, but not out of Game of Thrones.
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    Actually, I'm #TeamBolton.
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    Actually, I'm #TeamBolton and am not ashamed to say I find Ramsay attractive. Whatever.

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