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    People Think The Beast From "Beauty And The Beast" Is Hotter Than The Prince

    Ready for Beast Mode, tbh.

    Hi, hello, first off, I'd just like to say that this is a SAFE PLACE, and we're here to talk about the Beast...who is hot AF.

    HEAR ME OUT: This is Dan Stevens, who plays the Beast/the Prince, and here we can see him in his perfectly attractive human form.

    And this is also Dan Stevens, in Beast form and, well...

    I'm sorry, but the Beast is just way hotter than the Prince.

    And lots of people can get behind that.

    Like, hi daddy.

    ok i have so many feelings about #BeautyAndBeast but first and foremost THE BEAST IS ACTUALLY SO FUCKING HOT

    Yeah, that's right — the Beast is a certified hunk.

    We're all into it, basically. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    But tbh, it's not that hard to see why — I mean, Beast knows how to dance.

    And, like, the WAY he's LOOKING at her is just...🔥

    And yes, he is LEGIT some kind of ram-bear-animal-thing, and to love him is WRONG...but I think we can all agree his baby blues aren't that hard to stare into.

    And, like, he's just such a SWEET ram-bear-animal-thing by the end of it all.

    By now you're probably like, Actually, now that you mention it, he is like 99.5% better than most people I dated...

    ...and you'd be right. The Beast is definitely hotter than his Prince alter ego.

    And if you feel weird about this at all, just remember that underneath all that fur is this: