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For Everyone Who Has A "Thing" For Hannibal And Will Graham

Dear Santa (Bryan Fuller), please keep 'shipping these two in Hannibal Season 3.

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1. Question: Is it WRONG to want Hannibal Lecter to take Will Graham as his ~lover~?

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2. Answer: Fuck no. That love is REAL.


And yes, Will, Hannibal did just take in your scent. He's going to think about it at night.

3. I mean, do you SEE the way Hannibal looks at Will?! It's like something out of a damn rom-com.


A fucked up rom-com, but whatever. Different strokes, amiright?!

4. And look how cute they are eating soup together! Soup = true love.


OK, and YES, that soup was made of people. We all have our "things."

5. Hannibal is more than happy to gently cradle Will's bloody knuckles, and wipe the blood away.

Yeah, you hold that bloody hand real good.

6. Because when Will got a fever from advanced encephalitis, guess who was there to hold his face?


And sure, maybeeee Hannibal should've told him about that advanced encephalitis, but...


7. Actually, there's a lot of face holding in general, and it's enough to make you dizzy from happiness.

Holding faces. All day. Every day. FOREVER. #Hannigram

8. Will and Hannibal just GET IT, ya know?


And by "IT," I mean each other. It's adorable.

9. Because when Hannibal's sad, Will is sad.

10. And when Will goes for a walk in a sensible fall coat, Hannibal follows suit.


11. But most important: These are two really attractive men who are clearly attracted to each other.

12. ... Sorry. I just blacked out. Continue without me.


13. It's like, the sexual tension is so thick it actually pains them to be in the same room together.

Forget Will's "claims" that he hates Hannibal and wants him dead. He's just lying to himself.

14. And it's not just you who's obsessed with Hannibal and Will. EVERYONE wants them to hook up.

Ships have never sailed harder or faster.

15. If only so that they can take out all of that anger and rage they have for each other ON EACH OTHER.

16. And finally make Hannibal fans truly, deeply happy.


17. Thank you, Hannigram, for keeping the thirst alive and well.

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I don't ask for much. Just for the two male leads to fall in love. I have simple requests.

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