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25 Excellent Reasons Why Everyone Should Work From Home

Shouldn't we all be allowed to work from home? I mean, pants are so overrated.

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11. Working from home also saves companies a ton of cash when they don't have to pay for office space.

Companies like Aetna have reported that by giving employees the option to work from home, the company actually benefits. According to a Reuters report, "Through telecommuting, the company has cut 2.7 million square feet of office space at $29 a square foot, for about $78 million in cost savings a year including utilities, housekeeping, mail service and document shredding."

13. And people who work from home are more likely to eat healthy and be less stressed!

Because you have the luxury of being able to cook and prepare your meals, rather than eating out constantly, 73% of people who work from home reported eating healthier, and had 25% less stress.