Ed And Jiggles Are The World’s Cutest Corgi Best Friends

The love that these two corgis have for each other will melt your cold, lifeless heart.

1. This is the story of Ed and Jiggles, two corgi BFFs who also happen to be extremely dapper.

Check out Ed’s fetching tie! And no one makes polka dots cooler than Jiggles.

No one.

2. If you’re wondering why Jiggles can’t take her eyes off of Ed, that might be because her full name is Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky.

That’s a very important name, for a very important dog.

3. But don’t fret, because Jiggles has a very important name too: Ghibli de Jiggleypuff.

4. They’re two ladies who REALLY love being corgis.

Yes, Ed and Jiggles are lady corgis, and they are FAB.

5. In fact, they love being corgis so much that they have one!

A stuffed one, that is.

6. OK, so maybe they have more than one…

8. Sometimes Jiggles and Ed go on adventures together.

9. To cool places like Disneyland.

10. Where they get super cute hats that fit perfectly with their adorable corgi heads.

12. But fun can also be exhausting…

13. Like, hello, Jiggles is so over this hat now.

14. But it works out totally fine, because the great thing about Ed and Jiggles is that they both love to nap.

15. Preferably spooning together.

16. Naps help Ed and Jiggles recharge their corgi batteries.

17. So they can play ball!


18. Pose in their “I Love Alaska” bandanas…

19. Or host corgi dinner parties…

20. Which is great, because Ed really loves the dessert portion of dinner parties.

21. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what these BFFs are doing…

22. So long as they’re together!

23. They spend all of their holidays together, like BFFs do.

24. They’ve traveled the Parisian countryside by train, because they wanted to experience the breathtaking views together.

25. Heck, Ed doesn’t even mind Jiggles morning breath anymore!

26. Because a true corgi BFF will stay by your side, especially when you just need to get out of the house for a little fresh air.

27. Jiggles and Ed: Two corgis in a pod.

Follow all of the corgi adventures that Ed and Jiggles go on at their blog, Two Silly Corgis.

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