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    Posted on Jan 13, 2014

    "Downton Abbey" Was Incredibly Upsetting Last Night

    Poor Anna. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!

    In case you missed Downton Abbey last night, some real crazy shit went down.

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    For starters, Lord Gillingham shows up with this royal d-bag of a valet.

    ITV / Via

    His name is Mr. Green, but he's called Gillingham, because that's his employer's name. And he doesn't really deserve to have a name, as we soon come to find out.

    Lord Gillingham and a few others are visiting for a weekend party at Downton, complete with an opera performance from visiting Dame Nellie Melba.


    Sounds like your run of the mill Downton fodder, right?

    Basically, Downton is business as usual: formal dinners, quips from the Dowager Countess, and Anna petting Lady Mary's hair.


    All good, clean Downton Abbey frills.

    That is, until Anna goes downstairs to fetch something for a headache, and Mr. Green/Gillingham follows her...


    She pops downstairs in the middle of the concert, and no one seems to notice that Mr. Green leaves quickly after she does.

    Once it's clear that Anna wants nothing to do with him, Mr. Green then proceeds to punch Anna in the head and rape her.

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    We don't see the rape, thankfully, but we do hear Anna screaming all while a Puccini opera plays in the background. Which is kind of worse, in a lot of ways.

    The next time we see Anna, she's holed up in Mrs. Hughes' office and pleads for her to keep the secret.

    ITV / Via

    It was all pretty uncharacteristic for Downton Abbey, and all terribly upsetting.

    ITV / Via

    And many fans were not pleased by the storyline:












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