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The 20 Most Important Dogs At This Year's Sundance Film Festival

From a Chihuahua in snow boots to Christina Hendricks' new fluffy BFF, here are the up-and-coming pups we met at this year's festival in Park City, Utah. Movies? What movies?

1. Princeton the Chihuahua, who matched his snow boots with his red vest.

2. This Shiba Inu, who was quietly judging us all.

Erin La Rosa for BuzzFeed

Showing up to Sundance isn't just a gift; it's a responsibility. And we all needed this Shiba Inu to remind us that we need to do better and start taking it a little more seriously.

3. This bow-tied stud, who wouldn't even look us in the eye.

Erin La Rosa for BuzzFeed

Because we aren't worthy of him!

4. This golden retriever, who decided to skip Main Street to head for the largest pile of snow she could find.

5. And this service dog who showed up just in case any celebs needed her help to wade through the crowds.

Erin La Rosa for BuzzFeed

She was a hero that day. :::Wipes single tear away:::

6. This snafflepuss, who mugged for the paparazzi.

7. This classically handsome dude...

Erin La Rosa for BuzzFeed

Who licked his lips to get a better taste of the film festival.

Erin La Rosa for BuzzFeed

FYI: It tastes like people who are desperate to find an outlet to charge their phones.

8. This lucky pup in the arms of Josh Duhamel, who teamed up with Pedigree to help some local dogs get adopted.

9. And this Shar-Pei, who got adopted during that Pedigree event!

10. This Eskimo dog, who rolled down the window of her Escalade and graced us with her presence.

Erin La Rosa for BuzzFeed


11. And this other Eskimo dog, who got out of her limo to walk the red carpet in style.

12. This puppy, who is pretty much everything.

13. This mighty bear of a dog, who was so exhausted from standing in all those lines.

14. This totally unassuming goldie...

Erin La Rosa for BuzzFeed

15. And this OTHER goldie, who he gave a love bite to.

Erin La Rosa for BuzzFeed

I just hope it works out for these two. Love at the fest is always so fleeting.

16. This Chow Chow, who was totally out of her element.

17. This guy, who became totally mesmerized by all of the beautiful snow surrounding him.

Erin La Rosa for BuzzFeed

18. This friendly fella, who asked if we wanted to go grab a beer somewhere before the next screening.

Erin La Rosa for BuzzFeed

And who am I to say no to a smile like that?!

19. This fluffy Samoyed dog.

Erin La Rosa for BuzzFeed

20. And then this OTHER fluffy Samoyed dog!!!!

Dying. Dying. Dead. This is the ghost of me typing now.

Bonus: This is Christina Hendricks HOLDING one of the fluffy Samoyed dogs!!!!!

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